Ductless Air Conditioner: A Better Way To Keep Cool

Are you looking for ductless AC installation for your home? Or, maybe you already have a ductless air conditioner and are looking for a mini split AC repair. If you need innovative HVAC solutions in Flowery Branch, GA, then work with Global HVAC Inc. We can handle both mini-split AC installation and repair. Our ductless AC contractors have more than 32 years of experience in the HVAC industry, and so are familiar with the intricacies of a ductless system. Additionally, we offer 24/7 emergency service and financing options. Call us today to see what we can do for you.

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Global HVAC Inc., Reliable, Quality Service

Expert Mini-Split AC Installation

A ductless air conditioner—sometimes called a mini-split system—is a unit that is a bit different than conventional HVAC systems. Unlike them, it combines an inside unit and outdoor compressor in order to cool your house. And, as the name suggests, you can get them installed without also needing to install ductwork.

There are a number of advantages to getting a mini-split AC installation:

  • Energy Efficiency: A ductless air conditioner uses much less energy than a traditional air conditioning system. Typically speaking, the ducts in traditional systems end up taking a lot of extra energy. Because this system is ductless, you’re automatically saving on energy costs.
  • Quiet: Many air conditioning systems make a lot of noise and can disrupt your day. Ductless air conditioners are relatively quiet and unobtrusive, meaning you’ll often forget they’re even there.
  • Individualized for the Room: Getting ductless AC installation can be great for situations where a room might need more or less air than others—or, alternatively, when your family can’t decide what temperature they want the thermostat at. A ductless unit can help you tailor the temperature for a specific room, instead of having the same one for the whole house.
  • No Duct Installation: Getting ducts installed isn’t cheap. By choosing a mini-split AC installation, you can avoid that extra cost—and the hassle—altogether.

By getting a ductless air conditioner installed, you can help improve your home’s overall air quality. Out experts are available to help with your mini split AC installation in Flowery Branch, GA. Call us today for more information and to learn about our financing options.

Global HVAC Inc., Reliable, Quality Service

We Specialize In Mini Split AC Repair

A major thing to keep in mind with ductless air conditioners is that they need regular maintenance. If not, then they may break down. When that happens, you’ll likely need to find mini split AC repair in order to get it fixed.

That’s where Global HVAC Inc can help. We don’t just do the installation; we offer mini split AC repair, too. Our extensive knowledge of HVAC systems and skill are what allow us to successfully fix a broken ductless air conditioner. We aim to provide excellent service in all we do. With our help, your air conditioner will be working again in no time. So, whether you need repair or installation in Flowery Branch, GA, make sure you’re relying on the experts. Get in contact today and learn more about our services.

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Global HVAC Inc., Reliable, Quality Service

Call Our Reliable Ductless AC Contractors Today!

If you want reliable ductless AC contractors in the field to handle your ductless AC installation, then contact Global HVAC Inc. Our company has been in business for 18 years, but our experts have more than three decades of experience. We’re committed to providing our customers with reliable, honest service. We strive to put our experience and abilities to the best use of the customer. Our ductless air conditioner services are available to the following areas:

  • Flowery Branch, GA
  • Braselton, GA
  • Hoschton, GA
  • Talmo, GA
  • Pendergrass, GA
  • Auburn, GA
  • Oakwood, GA
  • Commerce, GA
  • Lawrenceville, GA
  • Suwanee, GA
  • Statham, GA
For information on heating maintenance, please see our Heating System Maintenance in Auburn, GA page.
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    Jody Mckay
    7/25/2019 - Google

    Honest, knowledgable and reasonably priced. I will use Global HVAC again for future needs

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    Tangie Moss
    7/18/2019 - Google

    After experience an ac shortage in the hot Georgia summer heat Michael Walker was a cool breath of relief. Very... read more

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    Taye Young
    7/18/2019 - Google

    This company was very professional,the service was really great.The company gave me the best quotes in a matter of minutes... read more

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    Donna Rust
    7/11/2019 - Google

    Global HVAV are great. Did a excellent job and also checked back in with me to see if everything was... read more

    Leslie Nehring Avatar
    Leslie Nehring
    7/11/2019 - Google

    Global HVAC Inc. has always been there for me and my family for over 20 years. There is no other... read more

    Joni Baraban Avatar
    Joni Baraban
    7/01/2019 - Google

    Michael and his crew are amazing! Very knowledgeable, made sure that we understood the issues and what needed to be... read more

  • Mark Leo Johnson Avatar
    Mark Leo Johnson
    6/01/2019 - Google

    Very Good service! The technician was on time for the scheduled appointment. He explained the service completely. Performed the work... read more

    Michele Fowler Avatar
    Michele Fowler
    6/01/2019 - Google

    My elderly Mom’s AC unit went out today. Mike at Global was able to come out this evening and get... read more

    6/01/2019 - Google

    Mike at Global HVAC was pleasant, knowledgeable and professional. He was on time and finished the job in no time!... read more

  • j c Avatar
    j c
    6/01/2019 - Google

    Mike and Casey found a way to get our HVAC working much faster than expected. They offer professional, friendly, and... read more

    J Bell Avatar
    J Bell
    5/01/2019 - Google

    Great job always I have had this company for about 8 years or more and am always very pleased with them.

    Jim Warren Avatar
    Jim Warren
    5/01/2019 - Google

    Always available when I need them.

  • denise sexton Avatar
    denise sexton
    5/01/2019 - Google

    Great job by Mike. Knows what he is doing. Will use again.

    Vernice James Avatar
    Vernice James
    5/01/2019 - Google

    We called Global HVAC because we had no hot water. The call was answered promptly and a service call was... read more

    Brandon Wilson Avatar
    Brandon Wilson
    5/01/2019 - Google

    I highly recommend global hvac. Casey arrived as scheduled and was very professional and helpful. 5 Stars *****

  • Michelle Long Avatar
    Michelle Long
    4/01/2019 - Google

    Very professional they where on time, very respectful guys to talk to and explain everything and clean up behind themselves.

    Towanna Johnson Avatar
    Towanna Johnson
    4/01/2019 - Google

    Global HVAC is very professional and responsive! I highly recommend them for your heating and air needs.

    Pat Hall Avatar
    Pat Hall
    4/01/2019 - Google

    Quick response time and excellent work. They were here when scheduled and completed the work quickly and professionally.

  • Al Blake Avatar
    Al Blake
    4/01/2019 - Google

    Excellent service by professional staff.

    Marissa Wade Avatar
    Marissa Wade
    12/01/2018 - Google

    The Service technician was friendly. The job was done efficiently and in a timely manner.

    Mike Zamorski Avatar
    Mike Zamorski
    9/01/2018 - Google

    I have utilized Global HVAC for over 10 years. I have received nothing but outstanding service. They are fast to... read more

  • Lisa Smith Avatar
    Lisa Smith
    9/01/2018 - Google

    Global is the absolute best!!!

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    Jane Griffith
    8/01/2015 - Google

    We feel confident in Mike's work.

    Leslie Nehring Avatar
    Leslie Nehring
    10/01/2019 - Google

    Always There Global HVAC Inc. has always been there for me and my family for over 20 years. There is no other... read more

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    April Haney
    10/01/2019 - Google

    Easy To Schedule Easy to schedule appointments and they were very helpful

    David Fogarty Avatar
    David Fogarty
    10/01/2019 - Google

    Very Professional Very professional, complete service. Technician explained all work thoroughly

    Jim Warren Avatar
    Jim Warren
    11/01/2019 - Google

    Always There Always available when I need them

  • Joni Baraban Avatar
    Joni Baraban
    12/01/2019 - Google

    Amazing Michael and his crew are amazing! Very knowledgeable, made sure that we understood the issues and what needed to be... read more

    Diane Wells Avatar
    Diane Wells
    3/01/2020 - Google

    Called about a rental house that heating went out. They were out the next day got the heating fixed... read more

    Patricia Smith Avatar
    Patricia Smith
    2/01/2020 - Google

    Great service,I highly recommend Global HVAC,Inc. !

  • Charles Calloway Avatar
    Charles Calloway
    2/01/2020 - Google

    Mike team, is very knowledgeable, honest, with good rates. They good over and beyond the call of duty.

    Edward Pugh Avatar
    Edward Pugh
    2/01/2020 - Google

    Global hvac has serviced my hvac equipment for more than 14 years mike (the owner) is always always helpful and... read more

    Douglas Bennett Avatar
    Douglas Bennett
    2/01/2020 - Google

    Honest, trustworthy and professional. You can count on Mike to take care of you.

  • Michael Smith Avatar
    Michael Smith
    2/01/2020 - Google

    Owner Michael Walker and his staff are exceptional! The company takes pride in their customers, as well as in the... read more

    David Fogarty Avatar
    David Fogarty
    11/01/2019 - Google

    Very professional, complete service. Technician explained all work thoroughly.

    April Haney Avatar
    April Haney
    9/01/2019 - Google

    Easy to schedule appointments and they were very helpful!

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